Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boy, Oh Boy!

"Our freakin child is a boy!!!  We are going to be having a little baby Wyatt!"  Those were just about the exact thoughts that traced through my head at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon upon the sonogram doctor circling around a certain piece of anatomy only found in boys (although I "played it cool" trying to act as indifferent to the news as I could-I didn't want it to seem as though I would have been too terribly upset had we found out we were having a girl).

With that awesome fantastic news out of the way, here's how the past few weeks have gone...

Carly is still doing well.  She still really isn't doing the "showing" thing yet.  One issue that has caused some concern is the fact that she has had pretty high blood pressure through the length of the pregnancy so far.  At the beginning this really wasn't a big deal but as she progresses further the more of an issue it can become apparently.  To this point the doctors have put her on some blood pressure medication to hopefully help get it under control.

The baby, however, is doing really well.  All of the tests so far have come out perfect to this point.  It was actually kind of neat yesterday as the baby seemed to be waving when we got the sonogram done.  He (I can say "he" now instead of "it"-pretty cool, haha) had his thumb folded and was flapping the four fingers on his right hand as the doctor was trying to measure his limbs.  Quite honestly, he was kind of being a pain in the butt (can I say that about my unborn child?) as he kept moving around in the opposite direction of where the doctor was needing him to be so that she could perform her tests.

As I sit right here we have about 156 days to go until Carly is full term and little baby Wyatt Lydic is due to grace us with his presence.  According to just about everyone I talk to, especially current fathers, I'm told I should start talking to our baby.  I'm going to be honest, the whole idea of this doesn't exactly thrill me.  I know, I know-its supposed to be this cute thing that you do to bond with your child and that doing so will help the baby know my voice when he is born.  Realizing and understanding this concept still doesn't allow me to set aside the "holy crap I feel really weird talking to my wife's stomach" feeling that I inevitably have.

Knowing that I will be a father in a few months still has me freaked out a bit.  One thing that I have been doing to process the concept of being a father is studying my relationship with our cats.  Yep, I said it, I'm studying my relationship with our cats.  There are times where the stupid cats really piss me off.  Take Boomer (our pure black cat) for instance; he will wake us up in the wee hours of the morning to feed him by crunching around on some newspapers.  Right at that morning hour and for a few hours thereafter all I can think about is slugging him.  However, I know (and he probably knows) by the end of the day he'll be curled up purring on my lap while I watch Jeopardy.  I'm guessing to a MUCH larger extent being a parent is kind of the same thing: kids do stuff to piss you off, you get over it (or forgive them for it), and then eventually play Jeopardy together later.

There's something else a lot more serious that is really starting to make me extremely nervous about becoming a father as well.  Very honestly, as we get further along in this process I've been starting to develop this fear of the emotional interpersonal connectivity that seems to be inherent with becoming and then being a parent.  (For those of you who don't know me all that well, I tend to mentally analyze things quite meticulously).  It seems as though we, as humans, will do nothing in our lives that will have more impact on another human being or on this world than bear a child/children.  I was doing some thinking and realized that from the day that little baby Wyatt is born I will have some sort of responsibility to him for the rest of my life.  Every single action, every single breath I take the rest of my life will have some sort of impact on Wyatt's life.  In addition, there forever will be an emotional attachment of some sort from me to him (and his mom, Carly) and vice versa.  Right now, the idea of this responsibility, a responsibility that I haven't even come close to ever having to this point in my life, has me freaked out a bit.

Finally, from information gathered from other parents, I know one definite thing that I get to look forward to from having a baby boy: getting peed on!  Every parent that has ever had a son has been telling me that boys will pee all over his parents.  They all tell me that there's something that when the air hits a little boy's pee pee shooter urine for quite the shower.  (you caught the play on words there, right?).

Until my next splurge of thoughts on my impending parenthood, I continue to wish you all pleasant reading,


As a side note, you will see a tab at the top of this page entitled "The World At One Time: Day One."  I hope you all take a look at it and tell me what you think.  I really hope anyone and everyone is able to participate in it.  I also sent emails to a few companies yesterday (including Instagram and Shutterfly) requesting their help in this project.  There are even more companies and people that I am going to try to reach to hopefully maximize the potential of this idea.  THANK YOU!

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