Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year And Soon A New Life

2012 sure was a crazy year, wasn't it?  The past year saw, among other things, guys swimming really fast in the Summer Olympics (Phelps and Lochte), a South Korean guy (Psy) that became a cult icon for singing something that included an entire four English words, and someone (Felix Baumgartner) actually jumping out of a helium balloon 128,100 feet above earth and then living to tell the story.  Oh, and one last item of note that happened in 2012 is the fact that I impregnated a woman thus forcing the coming year, 2013, to become the year that I become a father (and the woman who I impregnated, also my wife, to become a mother).

Its been almost a full two months since I last posted an update on this blog and, needless to say, there are a few things I think you may find interesting.

First, I want to show you a picture.  This picture is a 3-D sonogram picture from December 21st.  If you notice, Little Baby Wyatt, an entire negative 112 days old, is demonstrating a hand gesture seemingly with the intent of communicating something to the effect of "leave me alone."  I want it be known that the very day he is born he is soooo grounded; he needs to know "flicking off" mommy and daddy will NOT be tolerated.
Stop Looking And Prodding At Me!

In addition to having the sonogram done that day there was the typical pre-natal check up and talk to the doctor.  It was during our discussion with the doctor, Dr. Warner, that I got some really "disturbing" news.  Dr. Warner informed us that Carly, although currently in great physical shape needed to exercise more.  The reason for this, she explained, is that exercising would help in lowering her blood pressure and working her muscles would make for an easier birth.  Her suggestion was to do some walking and the easiest way to do the walking, she posed, was to park far from store fronts of the places that we shopped.  As she said this I mentally agonized with the fact that this meant no more of the awesomely fantastic "Expectant Mother Parking" that I had become accustomed to utilizing (despite Carly's embarrassment).  Below you will see where we used to be able to park and where we are now forced to park at Wegman's.  This is a travesty that cannot be oversold.

This is where we used to park
This is where we have to park now at Wegman's (that's our red vehicle on the right)

On a bit more of a serious note we learned about a month ago that Carly has gestational diabetes.  When I first found this out I was kind of freaked out a bit.  I was thinking something to the effect of "first she has high blood pressure, now diabetes-there is no way this is going to be a 'smooth' pregnancy."  However, once Carly and I ascertained a bit of information we learned that this isn't an "end of the world" type problem.  Carly now has to take her blood sugar four times per day and monitor the meals she eats.  In a weird way, this may actually be a good thing.  We had gotten into some really bad dietary habits from eating out a lot to snacking on sugary foods throughout the day.  The gestational diabetes has forced Carly (and to a large extent myself) to consciously examine the foods she is consuming and thus make better decisions.

There are a few more items I would like to quickly update you on:
  • Carly, to my surprise, has yet to really seem to act "hormonal" yet.  I have been hearing for the past five months about how big of a "B" Carly will become with the pregnancy.  To this point it really hasn't happened yet.  (Although a couple of weeks ago while grocery shopping she threw a fit over something really stupid and threw out all of the coupons.)
  • Despite a couple of risk factors Carly has developed, the high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, the baby is doing perfectly fine so far.  Every test has come back exactly as good as we could hope.  In the last round of tests Wyatt's size showed a result of being in the 40 percentile meaning that at this stage in his development Wyatt is larger than 39 percent of his peers and smaller than 60 percent of them-basically ideal.
  • Carly keeps wanting to "spoon" when we wake up and for me to hold her tummy.  Holy hell, I really hate laying in bed.  The next few months better move quickly because I don't know how much I can take of this "let's just lay in bed for a while" thing.
  • I received three of the "so you're going to be a dad" type books for Christmas.  Although I am extremely grateful for them I just need to get something off of my chest that they all discuss-"male sympathy pregnancy."  I'm sorry, I just can't buy the whole male sympathy pregnancy thing.  To this point I just see men who supposedly "experience pregnancy symptoms" as guys who are just jealous of the attention their partner is receiving and thus (even subconsciously) want to feel what she is feeling.  As soon as my breasts start feeling tender or I have menstrual cramps I will gladly retract this statement. 

In addition to being pregnant, Carly is really starting to look pregnant now too.  Below you will see a couple of shots of Carly's "baby bump."

December 21: 23 weeks, 5 days along
Thanksgiving Day, November 22: 19 weeks, 4 days along

Something that I have found interesting with pregnancy is the way nature kind of gives a parent-to-be a time period to get ready for the new addition.  A byproduct of the nine months given to a human offspring to be ready for its life is the fact that the nine months also gives its parents time to get ready for the arrival.  The past few months have been full of us collecting diapers, outfits, and preparing a nursery for Little Baby Wyatt.  In addition we have been able to (probably more me than Carly) try to mentally prepare for the responsibility of being parents.  As I sit here right now we already have about forty outfits, eight packages of diapers, and four boxes of wipes.  In addition, we will be having a diaper party and baby shower in the next couple of months.  I cannot thank nature enough for this little buffer zone to parenthood.

That is just about I have for all of you for now.  Just as an FYI Carly has a sleep apnea test this Thursday night (basically she snores a lot and they are trying to find out if its a symptom of her high blood pressure) and then she has a pre-natal test on Friday.  Oh, and for those of you following my baby thought splurges on Twitter (@babyBlogED), I got a new smartphone so I'll be splurging a lot more!  Yay!

Until my next splurge of thoughts on my impending parenthood, I continue to wish you all pleasant reading and, in spirit of the new year, I hope you all have a great 2013,