The World At One Time: Day One

The World At One Time: Day One


Sometime in the spring of 2013 I am going to need as many of you to take a picture of wherever you are at in this world and send it to me.   Let everyone know about this project.  Have as many people that you know participate in this.

As I’m sure you all are aware of by now, my wife, Carly will be giving birth to our first child around the date of April 15th.  What I want is a single picture of wherever you are in the world the day after the baby is born.  Ideally, I’m going to try to coordinate it to be as close to 5:00pm EST as possible.  This means that the picture needs to be taken close to 2:00pm in L.A., 3:00pm in Denver, 4:00pm in Chicago, 11:00pm in Paris, 6:00am in Beijing, 2:00am in Moscow, and 5:00pm in Erie, Atlanta, Miami, and New York City as some examples.

The name of this project is going to be titled, as you might have guessed, “The World At One Time: Day One.”

I want as many people participating as possible.  Obviously I know the time element would be a difficult task for some of you.  However, I’ll take anything.  Even if you are stuck at work and just walk to the office water jug that sits by an outside looking window and snap a picture, I’ll take it!  If you absolutely can’t take a picture near 5:00pm EST but can get a shot sometime in the day go ahead and send it to me and I’ll still use it.

We are going to be having our baby at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The plan I have for myself is to walk down to the dock (for those of you not from or familiar with Erie, it’s basically just across the street from the hospital), walk to the top of the Bicentennial Tower and snap a picture of downtown Erie.

After I have all of the pictures collected I will post them on this blog as a collage.  Each picture will have the location and time taken along with proper accreditation.  The finality will represent what the world looked like at an exact moment (relatively) in my baby’s first full day of life.

Of course, as I sit here now, I don’t know when the first full day of life will be for my baby.  The plan is to alert everyone via every means possible when the baby is born.  Once everyone knows the day the baby is born it will be understood that I need everyone to snap a picture the following day at or around 5:00pm EST.  In order to alert everyone of the birth date I will utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email, among other avenues.  The details of each are listed below. 

Once you have the picture you need to get it to me.  The preferred means would be through email.  However, if you choose, you can send it to my Facebook page, send it through Instagram, or tweet it to me.  Again, the details of all of these are listed below.   If you have other ideas of how to be notified or of how to send me your picture, feel free to let me know.  As we sit here now, I still have about 4 ½ months to iron out the finer details in this project.

If you decide to participate in this project with me understand that when you send me your picture it then becomes mine and will be used for my purposes.  I’m going to assume that most of you will be sending me your picture digitally and this won’t be an issue.  However, if you choose to send me a physical picture I’m not going to be returning it-send a picture you are willing to part with.  In addition, make sure you include details of the picture such as who took the picture, the time it was taken (if a timestamp isn’t already on it), the city, and any possible features of significance in the picture such as a landmark, the street, the name of the building(s), or any geographic features such as a river, a lake, mountain range, etc.

Let me know if you are willing to participate.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

Thanks You!,


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